Old Meets New

My wife purchased a 1990 Bronco II new in January of 1990 after her 86 Mustang GT was totaled in an accident. After 19 years of great service and 265,000 miles on original powertrain, we decided to take advantage of the 'Cash for Clunkers' program and turn our 'Little Bronc' in on a 2009 Escape AWD. It was tough to see the Bronco II leave our driveway for the last time. I asked my wife to get a photo of the two together when she picked up the Escape. We have many fond memories of our Bronco II, but are looking forward to making new ones with the Escaape.
Steve 04/12/2010
I had an '87 Bronco II. It lasted 287,000 miles for me. I've had 5 Fords, all with well over 100K each and a Renault andJjeep Grand Cherokee both lasted less than 60K. Now why would I buy anything else?
Becky 03/12/2010
Bronco II FAIL!
Sorry man this lil truck didn't deserve to DIE!
We are told that new is better but that is just the way consumerism works, a perfectly good car is now junk. I have been looking for one of these for MONTHS and finally found out that many were sacrificed to the Cash for Clunkers smash-fest.
Hope that 4mpg combined fuel savings made it worth having a clone car.
Gavin 03/05/2010
I have a 1991 Ford Explorer with only 54,350 miles on it, but even if it has more I know it would ride like new. I love it!
Lynn 01/15/2010
I have heard rumors that Ford is redesigning the Explorer to be more like the Edge and using the same frame. I have to say that I have had 5 Explorers and have driven Fords for 40 years. I will be very upset if they change the Explorer into something like a crossover. In fact, if that happens, I will no longer drive Explorers and possibly not Fords if the Explorer is smaller and sits lower to the ground. The current stature is what I have to have. I personally think this whole crossover thing is b.s.
Joey 01/14/2010
why would you take your dependable and loyal 1990 bronco to the cash 4 clunkers program and trade it in for an escape that probably wont last half as long as your old truck? That extra $4500 isnt worth it to me knowing where my old truck is going... thats just cruel how they pour chemicals in the engine to destroy it and haul it off to the scrapyard. Old classics need to be treated with respect!
Clint of California 12/30/2009
I read Jeff's comments on his 90' Bronco II and empathized with his delema. I too was tempted by the recent "Cash for Clunkers" program but I resisted. Why? I own a very dependable 1988 Ford Bronco II electronic 4x4, auto trans with O.D., a 2.9L V6 that hums like a sports car with just over 130,000 original miles and I just couldn't give it up! My Baby Bronco "Takes a lickin and keeps on tickin" and it's one "Fun" suv to drive. I've hauled more then I can remember through several moves and had it shipped out to California when I relocated from Pennsylvania a few years ago. In 1996, eastern Pennsylvania experienced the worst snow storm in decades, 31.7". There wasn't a car on the street that could move with the exception of a few 4x4 trucks and one Bronco II with 320 pounds of bagged rock salt over the rear wheels. When the call came out over the TV for volenteers to transport doctors and nurses to and from the local hospital, my little Bronco II got the job done! There's only two words that can describe my 1988 Ford Bronco II! Semper Fi (Always Faithful). Chow!
Mike 12/22/2009
That was a nice Bronco II you had before you killed it. I hate to see that happen. Cash for Clunkers killed a lot of good trucks over it's time, I hope they never bring it back.
Old85BB 12/21/2009
So sad to see such a wonderful and loyal friend cast by the wayside, thrown off like a bad case of feas. I feel this is nothing I would brag about. It's Sad, so sad.......
Jeff 12/20/2009
Wasn't it sad to know that after 19 years of faithful service the dealership was going to KILL your vintage Bronco II's engine and send the rest off to the crusher?