New Ford From Old Fords

I purchased a 1990 Ford Bronco II cheaply with a bad 2.9 liter engine. I also purchased a 1994 Ford Explorer that was in bad shape body wise, hail damaged, dented, but running strong. I merged the two vehicles into one. I installed all of the engine, transmission, wiring, radiator, dashboard steering column from the Explorer into the Bronco II. Now I have a new truck that Ford never built. It is far more powerful than the Explorer was (because it is lighter) and it is more powerful than the Bronco II was (because the engine is bigger and more efficient). The result is a truck that is lighter on its feet, gets better fuel economy than either one did before, and since the engine is much newer,and more efficient, it passed emission testing far below the standard for 1990.
Anoura Xirks-Logan 12/13/2011
I wish Ford would remake the Bronco. My family would buy 3 or 4 of them for sure.
My parents had a bronco in the mountains great for the snow and we go all over the place with it