Generations Of Ford Ownership...worth About 800,000 Miles & Counting

My grandfather has owned Fords for as long as he's been driving...which is somewhere around 75 years. He only strayed the 1950's, he bought a Chrysler product and had nothing but trouble (leaky roof) and swore he'd never leave again.
Growing up in the 70's, he had two LTD's, first a 2 door, then a 4 door. Both cars traversed the United States (literally) almost ten times...from Virginia to California and back again. I'll never forget the trip I took in his 78 LTD, the 4 door light blue model. "Zippin' the roads and eatin' hamburgers" is one of my sayings my family still talks about, that I said while sitting in the back seat of that LTD.
I always loved my grandmother's (dad's side) 1979 Thunderbird. Dark green with leather, that started my love for Birds, which eventually led to me buying a 95 model later.
My mom's first car was a 1976 Maverick, and her first brand new car was a 1982 Granada. Eventually given to my sister, the Granada racked up 200,000 perfect miles before finally being totalled in an accident. Since then, my mom loves Crown Vics and Grand Marquis. Today she drives a 2008 Marquis LS.
My first car was a 1988 Tempo. That car saved my life when I was 18 and t-boned an F150 that was travelling at 55mph. It was repaired, and I later traded it on a Crown Vic myself.
Since then, I've owned several Crown Victorias, the Thunderbird, two Town Cars, a Five Hundred, a Taurus, and a Continental. Now in my driveway is a 2004 Sable LS, my first Mercury.
My wife drives a 1989 Bronco II, which successfully rips tree stumps right out of the ground!! Her Bronco has in excess of 200,000 miles too. My sister had two Crown Vics (now only has one), the oldest was a 1988 with 450,000 miles. Her 93 model has 150,000 and counting.
I dream of being able to buy a brand new car one day (never owned new yet) and can't wait to be able to buy a new Taurus or MKS...or both!
My love of Ford runs as deep as my love for my family...and I'm proud to own stock in the world's finest car company.