Ford Bronco 1988, 600,000 Miles

Yesterday Feb 4th 2012 my 1988 Ford Bronco Mark 2 clocked 600,000 miles. It was given to me in 2003 by my best friends wife before they left California for Australia. She made no big deal about it and insisted that it was old and needed work, but I had a feeling she was just saying that to make me feel like she was not doing me a huge favor, Leslie is a very giving person in this regard, she is always thinking about how the other person may react or feel in any situation. I have no problem accepting gifts or giving them, I knew this was given with true love and I accepted in this fashion, but 600,000 miles?.

Kindness between friends can make great things, her husband, Alex and I met in SF back in 1991, two Australian musicians living in America and since then have always kept each others back in tact and never soiled each others front lawn.

I believe 300,000 miles was the number back in 2003 on the odometer, now almost 10 years later it reads 600,000. The car has been with me through all kinds action including 2006 when we did about 200 shows in one year, equipment in the back, me and guitarist Rick Miller driving everywhere and i tell you, transmission, motor, all original. I've moved people with it, people have moved me in it, I've slept in it, cities and country, oceans and lakes, how funny the time we can spend in a car, it's no wonder we write songs about them, (the modern horse).

As a traveling musician and part time carpenter etc, my vehicle is obviously very important, not so much by what it can do, more so by how long it can do it, in my case.

But once again I say, 600,000 miles, how lucky can a guy be ?

To my credit, I'm a casual commuter, never in a hurry and I do give her what she needs when she needs it, it's a real metaphor for life and particularly now it holds real meaning.

The website for my music has a slogan underneath my name that reads, " Road Music For The Mind", " Mind Music For The Road" it was given as a term from a marketer who was the brains behind the wine label " Barefoot Wine" he expressed that my music is "Road Music" from there we added the "Mind" to enhance it's meaning. I even have a song from my first album called, " I Drove a Million Miles Today", how funny these things tie together at times from different places, people and from different eras.

I live on a property in Sonoma County, in a big warehouse, surrounded by a vineyard. There are a few people who live here including Jesse and Bill Silva, " The Silva Bro's" they are in their 80's and have a trucking company that is still going, Bill is 83 yrs old and still doing long hauls, Jesse passed away about 2 yrs ago and he also owned a Ford Bronco Mark 2 that is still running and is used by Bill now, there is another hub that i will publish after this explaining the strange connection between life, people and cars in regards to our dear friend Jesse.

In the meantime, i will give thanks to my best friends wife for this gift as it was given with very good and true intent and now there is a real proof behind the intention and also keep this intention with me as it is a content reminder of longevity and how to achieve it.

"I'm a casual commuter, I'm not in a hurry, I give her what she needs when she needs it"

Stay tuned for an interesting flip side to this in my next hub,

Thanks for reading,

David T. Carter