500,000 Miles And Counting

By Beth H.

If there was ever anyone who could be a spokesperson for Ford it would be me. When I lost my car, my boyfriend's mother at the time decided to let me use her Bronco. She bought the car brand new in 1988. When I took control of the vehicle, I was tolde that the odometer which only counts to 100,000 had rolled over 3 times so far. That was almost 3 years ago. About June of 2011, the odometer rolled over for the second time sence I started driving it. So now we are at 532,000 miles and counting. This car has been in about 6 auto accidents, one including a police cruzer in the rear end in it's lifetime and I have yet to replace the motor. I have also hit a deer doing about 45mph with no damage done to the frame. My boyfriend recently proposed to me and now unfortunately I am saad to say that I am searching for a new vehicle. The car still runs, but we have noticed a decline in fuel economy and have some minor engine issues coming up. I have decided I would like to try my hand at the explorer. We are working on starting a family and I can not imagine putting the life of my family in the hands of anything but a Ford. I was not even scratched when I hit the deer. My fiance also drives an 89 Ford Mustang, so as you can see we are a Ford Family. I am a little sad for the Bronco, but she will remain in our care for the rest of her life. I Love Ford!
Skitter F 03/23/2013
I bet Ford® never counted on that engine lasing so long. But its like people say, if you take care of it, most things will last forever.
Paul 11/16/2012
We have an 04' 4.6 powered Econoline with 670,000 on the clock and it still boogies if need be but it's been retired from work vehicle status to dirty job vehicle so it may never make it to a million, but I know we can always count on it.