Super Toy Hauler

I purchased my new Super Duty (6.4 Diesel) ast summer as I now have a 31' toy hauler; when I was test driving all heavy duty trucks, Ford was the only one that allowed me to "hook up" to test the towing capabilities. I went back to the Chevy and Dodge dealers to do the "hook up" and the response from both Chevy and Dodge "you buy it, then you can hook up", this surprised me as the confidence of the competition seems to be lacking.
Shortly after the purchase I went on a weeklong adventure in the High Uinta Mountains (over 10,000ft), the truck handles my toy hauler with no problem at all, even with the steep grades and side winds the truck was rock solid (surprised even me), not once did I ever feel the truck was under sized for the towing job. Ford did a great job on designing this truck as it was designed to haul and pull heavy loads, I’m glad I have a Ford product that will do the job.
The picture shows my truck, toy hauler and the Wasatch Mountains in the background.