She Just Won't Give Up

About 6 years ago, my boyfriend purchased a 1995 Lincoln Town Car. This was his 3rd Town Car he has owned. The 1995 Lincoln Town Car, aka "The Blue Goose" is his baby. If this car were alive they would be joined at the hip.

He purchased the car, used with 90,000 miles on it. We were both a little sceptical, but knowing the quality of these cars and his love of this style especially, it was a match made in heaven. The dealer we purchased it from also was very trustworthy, so we knew we had nothing to fear.

Well, "The Blue Goose" now has over 270,000 miles on her and she still has a lot of life left in her. My boyfriend used to race cars when he was younger and (luckily) knows his way around under the hood of a car. I believe they have literally bonded. Though, in the past few years, she has needed some TLC and has had some close calls, But she won't give up. Even when he needed to be at work early one morning, and the temperature was 12 below she started up. Had a little trouble when the heater core couldn't tolerate the cold, but with a little know how and a little understanding, she still got him home safely and without incident.

Appearance wise, "The Blue Goose" is a little worse for wear. Her driver side door is slipping, the air conditioner doesn't work, the gas tank door has to be opened through the trunk and her rear air bag suspension had to be replaced with coils, but she's paid for and she is his favorite car and they are devoted to each other. She's not giving up and I will be forever grateful for this car and for Ford Motor/Lincoln-Mercury for making such a wonderful product.

Thank you

P.S. - My father worked for Chrysler his entire life and many times he has said, "If I didn't work for Chrysler, I would be working for Ford."