The Beast

My son had bought a 91 Town car from a friend at work.It already had over 200,000 miles on it but it still ran good and didn't look bad either no rust just alot of age.My son did not treat the car well at all but managed to drive for over a year until he lost his licence HOT ROD LINCOLN SYNDROME! The car then sat for about 9 months needing repairs etc to be road worthy again.There came a time that I was in need of a car so since he couldn't drive I took it fixed what needed fixing and drove it.Did I mention that the odometer stopped working at 238,000 miles.I drove the car for about a year or so until I traded it on my wifes 04 Marquis.And about 3 years after that it showed up in a local junk yard and the only thing missing from the car was the engine.So the heart goes on without the body as far as I know it still lives in some other ford.
So its the car/engine that just won't die!