My Town Cars

I have owned many Lincoln Towncars-I retired an 87 with over 250,000 miles and a 96 with over 300,000 miles. Currently I have a 99 with 170,000 miles and a97 with sover 250,000 miles, as well as a 69 Continental. I was very distressed to see that the Towncar is discontinued effective in 2012. I drive 500-1000 miles a week and rely on the safety, comfort and dependability of my Towncars. I can't imagine owning any other vehicle type. I have test driven the new vehicles in the Lincoln line, and, honestly find I don't like any of them. As a stockholder and dedicated Lincoln owner, I would love to see Ford bring back the Towncar for 2013. Towncars are the most comfortable, safest and most reliable cars I have ever owned. I was rear-ended by a large truck last year and was still able to drive my car home and had non-severe injuries because of the sturdy construction. I never worry about breaking down or having disabling car trouble in my towncars. Ford, PLEASE bring them back in 2013.
David L 08/04/2012
If your newest model is a 1999, you still have 2000-2011 models to get your hands on with low miles that will last you another 20 years! I agree I'd love to see them stay around, but sadly that's not likely. I do love the MKS and hope to own one in the future. Though, I'll never part with my 94 Town Car. 210,000 miles so she's just getting broken in!
Calvin E 05/04/2012
Hi, I agree. Love the Towncars, and think they are the best on the road for safety and ride. Bring them back please!