Luxury And Fuel Economy

I bought this Lincoln Town Car about a year and half ago from a friend of mine. Have not been disappointed at all! With gas prices starting to spike I still commute with this incredible ride getting close to 25 MPG! With just over 131,000 on the clock I know this hot rod Lincoln will be around for a long, long time. Thanks for making such great cars and trucks!
Robert K 10/16/2012
I love them. The buy-in price is right, mileage is good, and replacement parts are cheap. Let 'em have those itty-bitty cars that you buy for more, that break more, and might get 5 miles more to a gallon-I'll stick with my Town Car.
Darell G 05/06/2012
I have always loved the Town Car Im gonna miss it try looking at he MKY with a Town Car Pkg...
Calvin E 05/04/2012
While I'm not ready to go away from the Lincolns, I'd certainly love to see them continue. Don't want to invest in a Fiat owned vehicle, nor a Government Motors one either. So keep the Towncars coming, Please.
eric 12/09/2011
people want the town car
Clarence Cox 09/29/2011
Our 2003 Towncar has over 121,000 and still going strong. We are so dissapointed that Lincoln has dropped the Towncar. We may have to look at the new Chrysler 300 when it comes time to replace our Towncar.