Car Safety

By Matt S.

My wife loved this car. She went over an icey bridge , lost control and smashed though a few trees while going down a hill . Thank you to all the people back in 1991 - 93 for making our car. We bought it because we liked our Lightning and Escort. We liked the room and that we would be the 2nd owners. It was used 3 months out of the year and was stored inside for winters so It still smelled like new when we bought . We went on many trips with it, the last was from Green bay WI to SD and got 29 mpg . It ended with only 135560 miles on it. What a great car. Thanks a again.
matt 08/02/2011
yes she is fine, with minnor bruses. As the Officer was walking down the hill she said to Him, " You know I came down alot faster than that." and He said "I bet you did."All in all you got to love her sence of humor. The only panel that wasn't bent or dented was the Drivers door. thanks again we just bought a 96 town car to replace it.
Susan 06/23/2011
I hope she was ok!