327,405 Miles And Still Going!

By Tony W.

I purchased a 98' Lincoln Towncar as a lease return with 20,000 mile on it, It was beautiful and my first luxury car. I trade in your barebones Nissan Altima from a dealership in Torrance. I remember the day I bought it. I had look at it the weekend before. I walked in and told the salesman, "I have 1 hour, and then I have a meeting, so if you want the sale we better have a deal in that time. 45 minutes later I drove away. Flash forward 13 years later, I am still driving my Towncar which now has 327, 400 miles!
The only major issue was a transmission rebuild 2 years ago! I LOVE LINCOLN!!!!
Jules J 03/05/2013
very impressive, and I too love Lincolns, especially the sixties ones