What A Superb Suv!

Hi, my name is Mabel Dozier, I have been driving the 2003 Lincoln Navigator for almost 9 years. I love the extremely luxury, comfort, smoothness, space, and reiiability of the navigator, it is the best luxury SUV I have ever owned. I drive my Navigator to the simple and finest places from taking the kids to their flag football practice and games, pinics in the park and at the beach-and for myself dinner and a movie, the Orlando Symphony Orchestra, concerts, and the ballet. This is what I love most about this SUV it is a truck when you need one and an extremely luxury automobile to drive to formal places like the Symphony...WOW! I fill great when I hand the valet-parker my keys to my Navigator, it fits-in just like all the other cream of the crop top luxury vehicles, except it's more affordable. Even the little porsch and bently might say....WOW! What a Fine.. luxury and Fully Equip SUV...Babe!

I often drive my Navigator out of state, from Florida to Washington State, New York, Colorado, and countless trips to out of state family reunions, Navy and Marine Corps graduating ceremonies, college football and volleyball games. Since I drive long distance I need comfort in a SUV, Plus I do not fly on planes.

The Best news is my SUV never had a tune-up. I kept it service and the oil change. Guess what almost 9 years of driving my Navigator I'm told that it still does'nt need a "TUNE-UP" the motor starts with just one turn of the igition with no funny sounds or noises. it runs and drive very smoothly like it did when I first drIven it in 2003. it still has it same origial alternator, starter, engine and transmission parts never been rebuilt. I'm open to Ford Motor using my SUV and testimonial for commercials to promote this superb automobile. And Ford thank you for making such a luxury superb SUV. No! "Tune-up" yet, and it stil starts with just one TURN.