Thanking God First And Lincoln Second

By Lisa B.

Sat. night we hit a horse in our Lincoln Navigator. I've always felt a bit guilty driving such a pricey car and about how much gas it used, but I I know, that car saved our lives. The horse was just standing in the road and it was very dark, so we had little warning as we came up on it doing 50 mph. My husband was driving, I was in the passenger seat and our 21 year old son was in the back. We all walked away from this wreck with just bruises and sore muscles. The deputies and the tow truck driver were all amazed there were no serious injuries and/or fatalities. We had paid our 2004 off just a month ago and I had hoped to drive it another year or so, but unfortunately it is totaled. I can't imagine driving anything else but another Navigator now. We are waiting to hear back from the insurance company and trying to figure out how to get back into another "gator". Just wanted you to know that I thank God first and Lincoln second for our surviving that crash!