Smooth Ride

Loaned my Navigator to a friend to go to St. Louis Lambert International Airport to pick up his son (Lukas), daughter-in-law, and 4 month old grandson whom he had never seen.  They left the airport and drove home to Marion, IL, a distance of approximately 150 miles.  As they were arriving in Marion around midnight, Lucas noticed he had misplaced his cellphone inside the Navigator.  A search inside the Navigator did not produce the cell phone so my friend decided to call his son's phone just as they were arriving home.  A search for the ringing phone revealed that the cell phone was outside on the roof of the Navigator.  Lukas remembered putting the phone on the roof of the Navigator as he was putting his son in the car seat.  His cell phone had made the trip from St. Louis International Airport, thru St. Louis, to I-64E, to I-57S, to Marion, IL on the roof of the Navigator. Talk about a smooth ride.
Ford Social 08/20/2014
Hi Buford - This is a truly unique story! We like to think that Ford vehicles offer superior stability, but this is the first interstate "cell phone on the roof" story that we have read. Thanks for sharing your story! - Social.Ford