Long Lived Navigator

Bought a 1999 Lincoln Navigator many years ago and have been very pleased with her. I've taken her everywhere. She takes us to dinner and the theater in New York, tows cars to shows and boats to the water. I have enjoyed my Navigator so much that I can't bear to give her up. She currently has a bit over 355,000 miles on her and while I did have to have the transmission rebuilt a few years ago, she has been extremely reliable with a very low total cost of ownership figure. I'm guessing that I have a few more years with her and we are aiming to surpass 400,000 miles in a year or two.

A very good SUV!
charles Morneau 12/27/2011
I love stories like this, vehicles with high mileage, that are well taken care of, and that take good care of their owners
Benjamin Burkhardt 08/23/2011
Ford makes the best trucks. Their weakness use to be their transmissions, but their current lineup has new & improved trannys.