Debt Of Gratitude

I recently had a really bad auto accident and totalled out our Lincoln Navigator. Someone ran a stop sign and I "t-boned" them at 50mph without using brakes. Ouch! My family travels full time in the United States and our Navigator even came to Hawaii with us! We have some great pictures of that! Well, the reason I am writing is that I owe my life, literally, to that vehicle and your excellent safety standards. The police officers were amazed and kept commenting on how that vehicle not only saved my life but "did exactly what it was designed to do". Everything that was to go right with that wreck, on that vehicle, did for me down to the detail and I can't thank Ford enough! The inside protected me so well that it even kept my drink in the holder! Yes, I have some injuries but very minor compared to the death I should of had and not near as bad as the people I hit! This was undoubtedly our favorite vehicle hands down to date and it was our first Lincoln. We are so sad to have it gone and we would love to replace it with another Navigator but unfortunately the driver that ran the stop sign . . . well you know legal insurance issues, you never come out financially ahead. I feel not only a loyalty to Lincoln now but also I cannot feel safe in anything but. If you ever need someone to give a testimony publicly for your company, I am a believer and fan! Thank you again, so much, for your excellence in quality and returning me safely to my family to raise my chilren and continue being a wife.