280,000 Miles Who Would Have Thought

By Judy C.

I purchased a 1999 Lincoln Navigator with 50,000 miles in January 2003. May 2012 I replaced the battery for the third time. The guy at the store asked me how much work I had put into the car. 3 batteries, 4 sets of tires, brakes several times and a few maintenance items over the years probably less than $5,000. It has been an amazinag vehicle. Gas is a bit costly but now at 280,000 miles I now get 14 miles a gal. No leaks or issues AMAZING. I am a Realtor and this has been the perfect vehicle.
naoko b 07/30/2012
I have 2004 Navigator and has 240,000 miles. I like the car. Never had major problems. We bought it new. I have been waiting for Lincoln to come out with new Navigator with plug in hybrid in the future. I hope they are planning to do that. I only get 12.8 miles per gal. So, I am looking at smaller Ford model and keep this one for long distance drive....