My Purple Lincoln Mkz

On Aug 5, 2012 my 19 yr. old daughter and four of her friends was driving my 2007 Lincoln MKZ to Panama City Beach, FL from Chicago, IL for a "Girls Trip". They were 10 mils north from Nashville, TN on Rt. 24 when they were run off the road by a passing vehicle. They spin around 4 times before coming to a stop on the median in the middle of Rt. 24. The ONLY damage to my car was the front bumper was ripped off and the back tire was flat!! My "GIRLS" walked away from the accident unharmed!!! I'm telling this story because I feel that the safety standard that Ford/Lincoln has put into there cars saved my daughter and her friends. My husband and I got the tired fixed and was able to drive the Lincoln back to Chicago, IL with no problems. Our daughter and her friends were able to finish there trip in one of our other vehicle's and are now enjoying the sandy beaches of FL. THANK YOU FORD!!!!!
P.S. we also own a 2006 Mustang GT Conv. still going strong!!