Epa Is In Error

I was shocked when I read that the epa was requiring Lincoln to revise the mpg ratings for the MKZHybrid. I consistantly get between 45 and 53 mpg on highway trips with my cruise control  usually set at 67mph. The use of cruise control is the key to mpg results. However, I think I may have discovered the reason the numbers were downgraded by EPA. While reading the owner's manual, I noticed that there was a setting for cruise control that was labeled "eco" and I immediately switched the setting to eco. My fuel mileage dropped to the mid to high 30's. As soon as I realized it, I went back to the "regular" setting and the mpg returned to the 45 to 53 range. I must conclude that one of two possibilities exist; either EPA tested a car with the eco setting on, or the system has these two settings reversed. Either of these would explain the results obtained by EPA. Without a doubt, my MKZH is an incredible car. Thanks, Lincoln!