Best Car I Ever Owned!

By Al V.

In March of 2011, I purchased a Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, and I must say, it's the best car I have ever driven! I'm 66 years old and have driven Japanese cars almost all my life. The MKZ Hybrid has them all beat. Believe it or not, I'm getting about 42 mpg (more than advertised), which, to me, is one of my top priorities in any car (gas savings). It is impressive that a luxury car such as the MKZ Hybrid can get such mileage efficiency. And, so far, after 15 months of ownership, it has cost me NOTHING to run other than gas (I got a 4-year free maintenance agreement package with the purchase, so the oil change cost nothing). Here is my concern: why doesn't Ford advertise the MKZ more on national television? The only time I ever see an ad for it is either on Delta Airlines or on CNBC. Your director of marketing should be aggressively marketing this car to the American public often. Besides all that, its design is beautiful, far more so than the Hyundai Sonata or the Lexus 250! I'm merely expressing my appreciation offering you my kudos for producing such a fine American luxury vehicle and wish your director of marketing would more aggressively market it more to better compete with the likes of Lexus ES350 and other such vehicles. I don't want to see the MKZ Hybrid eliminated from manufacture because Ford dropped the marketing ball. By the way, my car's gas mileage doesn't always get 42 mpg; it declines about 15% in winter. If anyone reading this message has never driven the MKZ hybrid, you must try it. I guarantee you'll love it. It's quite peppy. The only criticism is the small cargo area due to the location of the battery. Probably can't do anything about that unless the company located the battery on the entire bottom of the chassis like Tesla does. Keep up the good work, Lincoln, and try marketing it more aggressively. It is money well worth spent.

Al V.