17 Year Old Totals Car And Walks Away

My 17 year old son lost control of our MKZ while driving down a county road. He went into one ditch, over-corrected, going into the other ditch, rolling the car, hitting a culvert, and catching the car on fire. My son escaped out of the drivers side window with only a bruise/scrape from the seatbelt. When I look at the pictures, as well as all my friends/family, it's unbelievable he walked away. Built Ford tough? You bet ya!
Eric G 08/29/2012
Happy he made it out safe, and if you wouldnt of said it was a MKZ, i would still be looking at it thinking it was a mustang.
Brian S 08/24/2012
17 year old, country road. bad combo.

read these stories in the local paper every so often , but it's normally a Mustang or another smallish, quick car. glad he survived and everything's A-OK. time to install a monitoring device in the next car he drives.
Natalie C 08/14/2012
praise God. He is blessed!
Steve 06/04/2012
Just by looking at the picture, I think you should thank God first, not Ford.