I Love My Mkt

I am 82. I have owned 3 Explorers, one Mountaineer and an Aviator. Also 4 F-150. Many others in the past.
This 2010 MKT beats them all. I bought it last July. I can find no fault with it. I have all the features excep AWD.
Made two trips from NC to Fla and back, 26mpg H/W and 19 around town. We drive under 65mph
Great to drive , very comfortable.
Who needs a Navagator??or a Mini Van
I don't see any others on the road. Boy are some people missing something???
James T 10/25/2012
Bought an MKT for my wife. She needed a new SUV and I was tired of driving her old Explorer. It was reliable but un-inspiring and I did not enjoy driving it when I needed to.

The MKT with its AWD ecoboost drive train and over the top interior fit the bill. Its not the best looking vehicle on the road but no other can match its function. I chock up its looks to its different combination of features than other vehicles. Its not ugly, just different. Never intended the SUV to be a show car, but in function, space, utility, nothing else comes close. Its a great vehicle most know nothing about.

We also tow our MKT behind our motorhome as our dingy.
Anthony M 08/14/2012
It's not ugly, just different. I got dropped off 200 miles from home to buy a lease return. When I saw it in the showroom, I wasn't sure if I could live with it. But I drove it home anyway. 50 miles down the highway I was giddy with the car. 100 miles away I was staring at it from a restaurant. By the time I got home I was in love with this car. Four months later it looks like a piece of art in my driveway. When the guy in the Lincoln smiles back at you, in the EuroJap snob car laughing, he's really just flipping you off. Do your Country a favor, Buy American. Drive an MKT, you'll love it too.
Sheena A 03/28/2012
I'll tell you why no one else has it... it's UGLY! We would love to have one. Being 37 and 41 years old with three small children from ages 1 to 7, we need a family hauler with cargo space. Our DOs and DON'T's
-- DON'T want a minivan
-- DO want top luxury, all the bells and whistles
-- DO want performance (must be fast for when my husband drives alone)
-- DON'T want to pay more than $60k
-- DO want Style

We test drove a fully loaded AWD MKT in 2011 that we would have gotten a great deal on... we really needed a vehicle for our upcoming beach vacations to store luggage, strollers in the back and on the roof while three kids sat comfortably in the second row. The interior of the MKT is absolutely perfection!! We couldn't say enough good things about it! The deciding factor though... my husband just could not live with the old man styling and esp esp esp the hearse like back. That dropoff in the back does not appeal to a wide variety of people.... just check out the comments on many Internet forums.

There is no other vehicle out there in the family hauler, crossover, luxury market that can compete with the MKT on interior and pricing. If they just redesigned the exterior to be more contemporary, more like Inifiniti or Acura, I think Lincoln would do really well. In fact, I think they could really steal some market share from the MDX, which is the current leader by a long shot in this category.

Lincoln... PLEASE LISTEN TO THE MASSES and redesign the exterior of the MKT. I'm not talking a minor grille change that you did for 2013.. I'm talking about a whole new sexy concept altogether!
John Maxim 02/04/2012
I love mine, too! Not nearly enough of them out there! I have driven mine from Buffalo, NY to Charlotte, NC twice and also to Dearborn, MI twice and never cease to be amazed at how incredibly smooth and comfortable the ride is and how much stuff and how many people I can fit in it while still getting great gas mileage. Just to show the broad range of MKT fans, I'll mention that I'm 26 years old, and am a Lincoln man for life.