First Luxury Vehicle

I purchased my first Ford in 1996. It was a Crown Victoria LX, just like the one on the cover of the Consumer Reports Automobile issue of that year. That turned out be an extremely reliable and comfortable road car. Even after 189,000 miles, that vehicle is still a great cruiser. But is a bit long in the tooth and I wanted something with that great Ford build quality but more performance and luxury than the Vic.

This quest led me to my 2011 Lincoln MKS with the Ecoboost engine and performance package. Man! What a vehicle! The Ecoboost makes this car take off like a scalded dog, only much, much quieter. Except, of course, when the THX certified surround system is cranking out the tunes. I will say, though, the exhaust notes from this care are not entirely unpleasant.

There are so many features in this vehicle that my kids call it a "Cylon" after the AI Robots from Battlestar Galactica.

Kudos to Ford for making this magnificent vehicle.