On 10/20/12, I was in a Major car crash. Totaled the car, while it took out a light post, a tree, and hit another tree but because of the technology of FoMoCo for their safety unit, I was able to walk away from the accident with a (one) small cut on the back of my head but I am alive today because of FoMoCo. I will never get a car outside of FoMoCo because safety is my number one priority, I can trust FoMoCo with my life in their vehicles. I will recommend FoMoCo to any and everyone and all I have to do is show the pictures and say I survived this. To anyone that is reading this will understand the faith I have in FoMoCo. I am able to see my son another day, smile and continue to bring laughter to the people around me. Thank you FoMoCo and keep saving lives.
bubbles s 01/31/2013
David L 01/07/2013
So sad to see your car destroyed, but happy to see it did it's job and you only had a scratch.