Wife A Believer

My wife had always been a GM girl because her dad was a GM guy. One day, when searching for a new vehicle for my wife, Lincoln had a fantastic rebate sale on the Lincoln LS and I was able to get her into the car for a test drive. She fell in love with the car. What's not to love. This car has sex appeal that everyone loves with a body style that looked better than anything on the road. It's v8 engine offered power and the low stance and suspension package offered greater handling. Something she had never experienced before. Comfort was also important and the LS delivered. In 2008 we bought the Ford Explorer Sport Trac for my wife and I took the LS for myself. My wife loves the Sport Trac and I still love the LS and my wife is a confirmed Ford/Lincoln person. Our biggest problem, however, is that the Sport Trac and LS are no longer in production and our only problem is which Ford vehicle will become our new addition to the family. And of course we must decide which vehicle to trade since we love both vehicles we now own. I wish Ford would come up with a new version of the F100 or a mid size car like the LS with rear wheel drive, with the handling and performance I'm accustomed to. Every time they come out with that perfect vehicle, they stop production. And why do they want to put front wheel drive in all their cars? I'm an old school kind of guy,,,chrome,,,positrack rear ends,,,and power,,,even in a family car!