Ls: Great Car

I would just like to let you know how pleased I have been with the Lincoln LS. I have over 238K miles on it and the car is still running well. I have had the common problems, replacing coils, lug nuts stripping, and window motor replacement, but thats about it. I purchased the car in 2001 (V8)from George Wall Lincoln-Mercury in Shrewsbury,NJ and it had 30K on it. The car was never kept in a garage, however the body and paint are in great condition. The gase mileage is averaging about 23 MPG. Overall an outstanding car. Maybe I got lucky, since I have heard horror stories about the LS, but I doubt it was luck. I had been wanting to contact someone at Lincoln for sometime , but never got around to it. I suppose you normally get complaints, so I felt the need to compliment Lincoln on a great product. Thanks again for a great automobile.
George Bailey 09/12/2011
It's too bad that Ford will not give Lincoln the green light to produce a successor to the LS. Ford has no plans for a rear-wheel-drive chassis in the future. I don't know what they are going to do with Mustang except plant a new body onto the now ancient (heavy and not up to the stiffness or crash-worthyness of its competitors) DEW98 platform. Lincoln, alas, is stuck with me-too Fords until it's belly-up time for that brand, a la Mercury.