The Tank

By Rick G.

my story start's here when i bought my first lincoln from a family member who needed money for bills. when i looked at the car i thought omg it's a boat but burn's out that boat saved my life 4 times the first one was in a walmart parking lot an old lady in a caddy hit me head on not a dent to the car just a scratch in the front bumper the second was when a semi locked up in front of me and i rear ended em on icy roads the third was a young kid was being an idiot and hit me head on and tore up the front passneger side and the last was when i was coming home from a football game and a combine came into the road not seeing me and hit me with his fork's if it wasnt for that car i wouldnt be writting this story thanx for for saving my life with that car because if it wasnt for you guys my mom wouldnt have got to see me become the man that i am i owe everything to you guys