My First Ford Product

By Rick G.

when i totaled my first car which was a 1991 toyota corolla dx i was in the market for another car. Well i was having a diffuclt time finding one in my price range when all of a sudden i get a phone call from my mom, asking me if i would drive a lincoln? well the first lincoln that poped into my head was a lincoln town car which is my favorite lincoln besides the navigator. Well i said i guess i want to see the car first though and she said ok that's fine. Well it was my aunt judy who was selling it and when i got to her house to look at it i instantly fell in love with the car it had all the fetures i was looking for and some like leather seats were so cool i thought i died and went to car world. Well when i finally got the car home i automaticlly startd doing research on the car which was alot trust me on that. but we had to fix a few things like the factory air ride and some break lines and of course the brakes it's self but thier was one thing i didnt know that it didnt have which was heat. But when i started driving the car i just started to love the car even more even though it didnt have heat. well i had the car for almost a year when the worst and most costly part went out the transmission or the brain box which ever i was heart broken because i loved the car i washed the car every week and detailed it myself but when she went their was nothing i could do i was broke so i was in the market again for another car when my cousin ross called my mom well it was actually my little brother who found it but my mom asked me to look at it first and i said ok who makes it and she said oldsmobile which i asked her which compony made it and she said gm i was mad because i love fords with all my heart. so i told her i would look at it but no promases so i looked at it and drove it and it's been an ok car but even though i am driving a gm product right now i still want a ford but the car has lasted me for almost a 1 and a half but i think it's time for another ford which is where my heart belongs.