A Lesson In Understated Elegance.

By Rick S.

Back in 1983 a friend of mine bought a 1968 Lincoln Continental Coupe. It was gold with a brown vinyl top and light tan cloth interior. I had no idea how rare this car was at the time. It had a 460 4 barrell engine, automatic climate control, AM 8-track radio with power antenna, power everything, a cool liquid speedometer (that turned red when you drove over 70 mph!)and enough room inside for the Harlem Globetrotters. The car had 103,000 miles on when he bought it. The interior still looked new, even had the original drivers side rubber mat over the carpeting with the Lincoln crest! He put new tires on it and ball joints. It is hands down the best riding car, and the quietest I have ever been in. BAR NONE. I bought the car from him a few months later. I was thouroughly impressed with the overall feeling this car gave it's passengers and driver.
Absolute quiet quality, safety, and a form of understated elegance no other car had.
I had the car about 3 years and sold it to a Lincoln collector. I have missed it greatly. Everyone who rode in that car was amazed at how quiet and smooth it was, they could not believe it was a 1968!! Thanks Ford, for proving you can build cars for any market. From economy, to pavement shredding performance, to absolute luxury. You do it BEST!!!
Rick S.