Mark Ii Though Mark Viii A Lost Legacy

From 1955 through 1998, My family have been huge Mark fans. In 1955 my Great Grandfather took delivery of his new Mark II, and then in 1998 I bought my last Mark VIII. Together we have owned every Mark produced. We just can't understand why Lincoln would place themselves behind every other luxury car manufacturer on Earth when to comes to offering a high performance (rear wheel drive) luxury sport coupe. How many other models would people be begging for a replacement , 15 years after it had been discontinued? What other model would still be a serious contender 15 years after it's last production? Even if at a slight loss A new world competitive Mark needs to be produced, if for no other reason to put the Lincoln brand back in the class of the other top brands. Re-badging Fords, great cars that they are is not enough to base a World class leading brand such as Lincoln.
We compare the ending of the Mark series to the near suicidal decision of replacing the Mustang with the Probe. Thank God the accountants lost that battle.
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Cobra J 02/13/2013
It is great that Ford is bringing back the Continental, I was just looking at a 1970 to restore a while back.