Finally !!!

It all started in 1976 after just receiving my drivers license at age 16 and being raised on Ford products, my first venture in driving away from home on my own was to the local Ford dealership some 25 miles away. Like most teenage boys at the time, I was big on cars and I wanted to see the latest and greatest Ford had to offer and have my little drool fest. I arrived at the dealership and walked around the lot looking at the new cars, unlike my peers I never was that interested in muscle cars or sporty cars, I liked the big cruisers. It was hot that day and before I left the dealership I decided to walk inside and enjoy the air-conditioned showroom and OMG! there it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen center stage in the main showroom. An all black on black 1976 Lincoln Mark IV with that half vinyl top and extra chrome trim, I swore one day I would have one of those. 7 years later I was able to get serious about getting myself a Mark IV even though they had been discontinued that was the car I wanted! but search as I did I never could locate a triple black Mark IV so I settled on a Gold 75 model. Sadly at that time in my life it was not a practical car for me to own so I sold that Gold Mark IV and bought a new Ranger pickup in 1983 thinking more utility and fuel mileage by this time ( I still own this truck )
But I never lost that passion for those old Mark IV's. 36 years later I am better off and can have more than one vehicle, and getting totally fed up with the electronic computerized wonder buggies we currently have, just out of boredom one evening I browsing Craigs List and out of curiosity and knowing full well its a long shot one might show up, I typed the search for a 1976 Lincoln Mark IV and one came up! and it was located only 40 miles from me, it had 49,000 actual miles on it, had been in storage for almost 20 years and to my shock it was exactly the same color and type I saw back in that showroom in 1976, while it had some slight blemishes this car was in amazing condition and although it didn't run right ( I can do engine work ) I snapped this car up and set about making it 100% operational again. It had stuck valves so one thing led to another and I just went through the entire engine and refreshed everything and now I am driving the car I always wanted. Sure it doesn't get the best fuel mileage but after doing some minor changes in cam and doing some other slight mods that will affect its original appearance I run a respectable fuel mileage above what was officially rated for this car. Obviously I do not use it as a daily driver but oh man do I get the looks and comments when I take it out.
Robert K 10/16/2012
I saw one, white on white, with red & blue piping on the seats. 460, and it had punch. Man I wanted to get my hands on that car!
Suzanne B 10/10/2012
Wow! I think you are in love ;-) And who wouldn't be! Nice ride! Hoping to get a 70 Mach 1 one day and do the same, as mine was stolen and totalled back in 1988. One of the saddest days ever! My 01X gives me almost the same thrill though and seats our whole family of 8, plus 2 dogs :-)