Who Says America Doesn't Make A Safe Car

By Teal C.

I want to take time to thank Ford Motor Company and Lincoln Division for manufacturing one hell of a vehicle. It is unfortunate that I write this under the circumstances, but my son recently had an accident in my wife's 2005 Lincoln Aviator while my wife and I were traveling abroad. After a head-on collision at 40 mph into a telephone pole, it is fortunate that Ford's thoughtful engineering left my son without a single scratch!! Although I don't like the fact that my wife must now drive my Lincoln LS (as hers is a total loss), I do feel better knowing she is in another Lincoln....until I buy her another one very soon. Once again, my family wants to thank you for providing such a well built vehicle. My local Lincoln dealer will most likely see me soon! Who says America doesn't make a great car?? Mahalo, Teal