Last Leg.... Or Is It Really

Heres a little diddy abut a good friend of mine . She owns a 1990 Ford Pickup . Normally any car manufactured in the 90's would be ... probably rotting in someones front yard around now . Megan ( my friend) bought this truck about five years ago off a friend of her family's . This friend just looking to help her out offered to sell her this truck for a buck . Having used this truck as a cargo carrier between newport news and Virginia beach , the miles certainly racked up . but as Megan's first and to this day only vehicle she was obviously grateful for the deal . She even had a contract drawn up promising that should she ever sell the truck , she would sell it back to the friend that sold it to her for ... go figure... a dollar . Well fast foward , now its 2010 . How the years have flown . The truck now has over 410,000 miles on it . still running like a champ . Megan may be a girl ( for you macho men out there) but certainly knows how to upkeep her vehicle . besides regular trips through the local car wash , she stays on top of the engine and tires . And its taken a beating in the past . She is a hard working honest women . She will help any friend out in need . be it out of the way or not . Just today , megan gallantly helped me move 800 pounds of mulch and 300 pounds of cinder blocks in that ancient truck , back wheels practically flatter then pancakes . and still gave a loud roar as she pulled out with a smile on her face when the job was done .

all this said ford . Should you ever need a story for doubting thomas's to prove that ford's with the right care and love ( because really , who doesnt love a truck ) can last you through all things life throws your way , megan's story certainly proves it . pssst , a new truck couldnt hurt either.