Kids In Care

I started out helping in a group home, fell in love with the kids and moved in as house parent. The kids were uneducated in the ways of family values, morals and respect. I was an outsider with too many rules (eating together, mam, sir, please), too many consequences (apologies, letters, pictures) but man I had a cool truck. They all loved riding in it, washing it, and taking pictures with it. The company had a minivan that we took everywhere that was company scheduled, but I took my truck all the other times. We spent weekends at the beach, on vacations and for special "kid and me" times, my truck was a great motivator. The truck brought us through hurricanes, kids coming and going and moving days. I ended up adopting 3 kids and taking care of my grandson (newborn), sadly I had to give the truck up. I will never regret the time in my life that I made the decision, but boy I still miss that truck and what it represented to those kids. For me it was finally the vehicle that I always wanted. Now I get flyers for them, with one kid left all I can do is drool over them and remember the good times we had. Still great memories, thanks Ford. NOTE: because of DCF regulations I adjusted the picture so as not to identify the kids.