Help When I Needed It Most

Several years ago I was traveling alone from Iowa to South Carolina.. This trip was just a weekend trip for a seminar and I could not find anyone to split the drive with me. As I passed each state I started to hear a grinding, suddenly I could not steer really well. I saw a ford sign in the near distance and pulled off interstate and found the dealership. Now mind you - I am a single girl in her early twenties at this time and it's probably about three in the morning, traveling so long I wasn't sure what city I pulled into. I pulled right up into the driveway and cuddled up in a blanket I kept in the car. A knock on my window came soon after. A kindly older gentleman asked what he could do for me. I told him the situation. He told me to sit tight. A few short minutes later he came back, he opened the gate for me. He had called the owners. He told me where to park, and after an offer of hot chocolate or coffee, let me sleep in the showroom until the dealership was ready to open. That is, after informing me I could not sleep in my car, "Don't you know where you are?? You're in Gary Indiana - the murder capital of the world" although I'm not too sure it is the murder capital of the world, I was very grateful for the safe, warm place to spend a few hours until my car could be fixed and I could be on my way. Oh and by the way... A certain big store chain does not pack grease into the wheel bearings when they rotate your tires, and change your oil. So the bearings started to grind and that was what was wrong! I am truely grateful to that dealership and that security guard.