Ford To The Rescue !

By Jake S.

During the 2011 Bonnaroo music festival in Tenn. the brutal heat was a huge concern for concert goers including my daughter who was suffering from heat stroke. Her hearing, vision, and ability to walk were dwindling but after a stay in the Ford Focus tent where your generous staff gave us ice and water to cool her down she made a full recovery. We were sent on our way with ice filled bandanas and some bottled water.

Your staff's commitment to the care of others was more than we could have hoped for and the compassion for community we received from the whole Ford family at your booth was reason for us all to be forever grateful to your helpful and courteous attitudes.

The level of value Ford places on community and helping others is obvious to anyone who is lucky enough to be around one of your events. I am thankful beyond words for your help and can say that everyone in our group has a fresh outlook towards Ford"s commitment to community.

Thank you from a very happy dad............jake