The Perfect Family Car

My first vehicle was a 1994 Ford F150. My husband's first vehicle was a 2000 Ford F150. Our first family vehicle was a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport. We're definitely a Ford family!

After we got married in 2006, our family grew fast. My family now consists of my husband & I, and our 3 kids. My son is 13 years old, and 5ft 8in tall, so it was time to get a car that fit all 5 of us. We shopped around lots of dealerships, but Ford is where our heart was drawn to. When we saw the new Ford Flex, there was an instant love and chemistry with to it. The only thing I was looking for beyond comfort was if my son's long legs had enough room in the next vehicle we'd purchase. All I had to say was "Alex, see if you fit." He didn't fit (with enough leg room) in any of the vehicles we test-drove until he stepped into the Ford Flex. He loved it, we loved it, and we knew we found our car!

The Ford Flex's sleek design, along with its very roomy interior is the perfect car for a growing family, and for our many family road trips. Thank you, Ford for thinking of us when you made this amazing car!