Tailgating Flex Style

On 8/19/10 my wife Victoria and I went to Jones Beach in NY to see a concert. We decided to get there early so that we could hang out, tailgate, and enjoy the sunshine and some good music. We parked our 2010 Ford FLEX, threw up the hatch, reversed the seats, and proceeded to tailgate FLEX style. As people started to gather we couldn’t help but notice that many people were checking out our cinnamon FLEX as they were walking by. We kept looking at each other as if to say are you seeing this?? Then people started to stop by and ask questions. What is that? Who makes it? That is so cool. Is that a custom color? One couple was visiting from China and the husband said his wife saw the FLEX on Desperate Housewives and wants one!!! Anther couple stopped to admire the tailgating experience and commented on how roomy the interior is. I said yeah, and it’s like driving my living room, Sooooooo comfortable. We told them we needed all the room for our five kids, sports equipment, groceries, and luggage for vacations. They said FIVE KIDS?????? How do you DO IT?!?!?!? We said, “We go to concerts”. It was priceless. We wish we had a video camera because it would have made a great commercial!!!!! We are the Fremers and we love our FLEX!!!!!! Stephen and Victoria Fremer.