One Second

Yesterday was 3/23/2014, I was driving my 2013 Ford Flex with one of my children's friend as a passenger.  I was meeting up with his parents to get him back home, after staying with us for spring break.  We had a great week and was going to finish up with a birthday party for my nephew.  It all changed in one second, as I had noticed that I had taken the wrong exit I knew I had to reevaulate my decision. I was merging over and well in one second my decision was made for me; time stood still. It really was like a dream, my thoughts were floating, my worries were about the one's I loved and the little boy that I was resposible for sitting next to me, (someone else's child). My Ford Flex took over, it's job was to save us, the side airbags; nailed it, somehow stayed straight on the highway as if I was gliding down a soft blanket keeping us warm and snuggly; nailed it, releasing an angel to carry us safely. The shutdown of the car was slow and precise, as if winding down from a hard day's work, softly roaring, then ticking, then clicking, then shutting down allowing for a peaceful stop. Only for a second there was silence, then the hazards automatically went did the angel do that too. The horn started to holler, letting everyone know they were not going to sleep in that morning, my Ford Flex may not have been their alarm clock but it sure was mine.  The little boy was saying, "Ow, ow, ow!" I was not the word to hear at the moment but looking over at him, he was ok and he guided me out to his side of the car, well because my side of the door was unrecognizable. The one second to me is still in place, time has stood still. When I got out of the vehicle, a little dumbfouded to well, be getting out of my booger green (this is what color my kids called my car) Ford Flex, ( I personally liked the color it was the color of my eyes). My eyes were open to see my passenger and myself intact.  About 200 or more feet down the road was the truck and trailer that also joined this moment in time with me. A man walking, limping a little but well, intact. His truck not pretty axel rod crushed, tire blown, he was going about 55 mph, kinda think he had an angel too.  He asked if everyone was okay. The clock started ticking again, my one second has now almost been 24 hours I will take it. Thank you booger green Ford Flex, if I can get another one of your safe and secure cousins, (maybe a different color) I am going to try.  If not any of your Ford ancestors will do to.
Laura D 06/24/2014
Very interesting.  How much did your flex cost?  My grandparents have a flex that's a limited edition ecoboost.  I hope everything was all right with the kids parents.  Did they scold you?