Grandma's Ford

Okay, enough of the good looking guy and the sweet young things. Grandma's drive Fords, too, but we like the Flex. Because in that lovely car I can get Grandma, Papa and four grown grandsons plus Erik's roller hockey bag, Jacob's football gear, Matthew's cross country backpack, and Michael's guitar! There is even room for the cute guy if I push Papa out. All kidding aside we love our Flex. I feel safe in it and we've probably helped you sell at least a dozen. People stop us and ask how we like our Flex, at filling stations, grocery stores, even a guy on a ladder at our bank. Our reply? "We LOVE it!" We drive it from CO to the TX coast every January and now notice more and more Flexes on the road and it's rather a club as owners have a tendency to wave to each other! And when this one is worn out, why, we'll buy another one. Thanks, Ford. Sheryl Jones