Ford Flex Has It All

By Jim V.

I was in love with my Ford Flex Limited as soon as I test drove it. The ride and handling was so smooth. I needed to be able to fit seven mormal size adults in a vehicle so that they would be comfortable and the Flex DOES IT. My Flex has AWD which is a first for me, I am used to 4WD but when I drove it in the first snow and ice storm it stucked to the road like glue. In front of me were several Chevy 4WD that were slipping and sliding out of their lane. I was also sold on the Flex 4 star safety rating that was for all around protection. On Aug.24th our Flex was hit on the left side by an other vehicle that was between 50 and 55 miles per hour. I and my son were both on the left side and his friend was on the right side. The Flex kept all of us safe and all of us had no injuries. The Flex has been repaired BUT I CAN NOT GIVE IT ENOUGH PRAISE. The Flex has all that you can want in a vehicle.