Ford Flex Family Fleet


Ford Flex Family Fleet, is the name I have fondly adopted to describe my family; you see, we own four Ford Flex vehicles!

Our story began 3 years ago with my decision to purchase a new car. “What to buy?” That was my quandary. Having lived my entire life for my three adult children, I found myself thinking of their need now to provide for their children and I reflected upon how I could make that better for them. I decided I needed a seven passenger vehicle so that I could demonstrate to my children how great that would be for their families—if that makes sense to you—and so I began my search.

Starting with 30 vehicles, I narrowed them down to 3, and remained still unsatisfied with my choices. Perusing the internet, I accidentally discovered the Ford Flex . After 6 months of research, I found what looked to be a dream 7 passenger vehicle. One look at the unique Flex , sleek, handsome, with an unmatched style and I knew I would surely feel special while driving in a field of boring indistinguishable competitors.

Upon further investigation of ratings promising an excellent, reliable, comfortable, roomy, vehicle, crafted with superb American workmanship, I was sold! I never even did a test drive. I negotiated a price via the internet, walked into the dealership and with all salesmen’s eyes upon me, I bought the Flex! I believe the Flex to be a true American icon in the making and feel special that it has been discovered by me!

True to my mantra, six months after my purchase, I gave the 2009 Flex to my son who has a family of 5 with another child on the way. I am ecstatic knowing that he and his family are transported in the best vehicle of it type on the market! He works hard and deserves the best.

After taking care of my middle son, I moved onto my next Flex in 2010 which I purchased for my daughter and her family. In the meantime, my oldest son and his wife became overwhelmingly enamored of the Flex, driving mine here and there, and they made the decision to purchase their 2011 Flex which I financed.

This brings me back to my 2010 Flex which I purchased thinking I would pass it on to my daughter as I did my 2009 to my son. However, a great big problem arose. I DID NOT WANT TO GIVE UP MY FLEX! I searched numerous alternatives for me to purchase; but nothing could compare to making me happier than the Flex. In the end, I reasoned, I will want to transport my grandchildren and no other vehicle will do that better than my Flex. So again I financed and my daughter and her husband purchased their own 2011 Flex!

In true Flex Loyalty to Ford, I am most sincerely,

Shireen Blair
Captain of the Ford Flex Family Fleet

Rick 07/04/2012
Can't your children buy their own vehicles?
Mark 09/23/2011
The author's ability to finance vehicles for all her children adds no value to me as a reader about Ford vehicles. This seems like more of a self promotion story for Mom than for Ford.