Flexing In My Flex!

I’m not the proud owner of a Ford Flex YET, but I have hopes and plans of being one soon. I test drove the Flex a few months ago with my kids, and we were all smitten with it immediately. Just this morning, my 5 year old asked me, with much irritation, when we were going to pick up our “black car?!?”

“Yeah,” echoed my 6 year old, “this car is too small. If we want to go anywhere all together, we’re gonna have to tape you and Daddy’s car together with duct tape!”

I don’t have a testimonial about how the Flex has affected my life, but I do have a vision:
I see my family driving in comfort and stability along our congested Atlanta roads. I hear nothing but blissful silence; no one is screaming “Stop it! Don’t Touch MEEE!” because the Flex’s roomy interior provides everyone with enough personal space that there is no need to invade anyone else’s. I see long road trips in my future with its superb fuel economy. But most of all, I see my dignity remaining intact, as I will never (ever!) be subjected to driving a minivan. Can you visualize that with me? There, in the vast sea of Honda/Nissan minivans of my kids’ carpool line, purrs my sleek and distinctive Ford Flex: like a majestic unicorn suspended above a field of grazing ponies.

I’m loving it already!

The features and design meet every desire I can think of, and I believe this is a vehicle Henry Ford would take the utmost pride in. It has all the elements he envisioned for the average American driver and passenger – whether they are single or hauling a family of 6. It’s truly revolutionary: A true crossover vehicle capable of transitioning WITH you as one transition from one phase of life to the next. There is nothing like it on the road. Thank you Ford, and best wishes for the future!