Fairlane Or Flex?

By Lee M.

For the last 12 years I have owned a 1967 Ford Fairlane 500 Station wagon which is a 17,000 original miles and is in original condition.

I love my wagon and take it to shows regularly. A friend of mine who worked for Ford told me about the a NEW fairlane being made and I knew I had to have one. Unfortunately, the name was changed.......I still own one. The Flex. This car is fantastic!!! Roomy beyond belief! Smooth as silk driving although the 67 is smooth in its own right!!! Side by side they are awesome to look at !!

I also have a 1919 Ford Model T which is the grand Daddy of em all!!!!

Lee Maitland
James Ketner 06/23/2012
I also had a 1967 Fairlane, & I now own a Flex. I am so glad that ford updated the Fairlane into the new Flex. I wish they would have kept the name as Fairlane though. I love both cars. I wish I could find a 1967 wagon.
I've owned Explorers, & Expeditions, & I love my Flex better than either one.
Eric B 03/15/2012
The "fam" loves the Flex (shoulda been called the Fairlane though). Wish I could shut off traction control COMPLETELY, along with any nanny-like stability control. Some of us can and want to drive.
Anthony Lombardy 01/27/2012
Great vehicle the Flex AWD, except for TWO items. First, insufficient ground clearance, especially for the snow belt. Anything more than a few inches, and the front apron is snow plowing and about to break. Second, get back to offering a limited slip rear axle. Forget the use of traction control for this purpose - it does not work as well as a limited slip axle, which is still offered by other manufacturers. Please Ford, fix these deficiencies before we must decide to lease our third Flex. And by the way, these same deficiencies apply to the new Explorer.
Chris Carlen 01/09/2012
I love my Flex! Best car I've ever know. I actually saw it at the Pennsylvania Auto & Boat show when it was the Fairlane concept with the wood dashboard, food preparation area in the back, and back doors that opened toward the front of the car. In all honesty, what they did with the Flex was probably a better idea. Of course, a little known fact is that the Fairlane concept was on the Fusion & Edge's CD3 platform, while the Flex was (rightly) built on the larger D4 platform (which is an enlarged version of the Taurus's D3 platform).