Fabulous Ford Flex!

BOY WHEN YOU SAY FORDS ARE BUILT TOUGH - YOU MEAN IT!!!!! My family and I were moving to Arizona from Wisconsin, doing a little sight seeing on the way. On Interstate 25 South - going the speed limit - (ok maybe faster - like 85) I was in the left lane when all of a sudden got hit by a PT Cruiser trying to change lanes. Shoved me off the road. When I got out of the car to access the damage, the PT Cruiser's drivers side from the front bumper to the drivers side door was damaged, so much the driver had a very hard time getting the door open. Wish I had a picture. My stomach just sunk wondering what happened to my Flex. Imagine my suprise - Not One Dent - I have one little scratch by wheel well. My son's were ahead of me in our 1999 Ford Explorer and saw the whole thing. Could not believe there was not more damage! Drove another 500 miles, no flat tire - no rattling - no shaking - drove like a dream. Simply Thank You for building Fords - FORD TOUGH and possibly saving my life!
FDF!!!!!!! (FORD DRIVER FOREVER!!!!) Linda Maveus
Andrew B 07/07/2013
Ford are built tough thats why i love them. They are built with quality parts and they last a very long time. Thats why you wont ever see me driving a chevy.