Drop Dead Flexy

I fell in love w/ the looks of the Flex as soon as I seen them. I did some homework on them & test drove one over night & had my husband drive it too. My husband was able to pass a 4-wheel drive truck on a slick snow covered back road w/out even the slightest sliippage. That was all it took to convince him that it would be a safe vehicle for me to drive. The kids loved the colored ambient lighting. I sold my Toyota 4runner and started shopping for my Flex. I took a few months to find exactly what I wanted, I was very picky about what options I wanted & didn't want. We flew out to New York to get her & the rest is history!
Michelle 03/15/2010
I have been watching the FLEX since it came on the scene in late 2008. I needed a family vehicle, preferrably 7 passenger seating. I did NOT want a mini-van - they ALL look alike to me. I wanted a car w/style, & versitility. With the Microsoft InSync system - going "handsfree" is a GREAT asset to me & the safety of my family!! Its FABULOUS! My husband was not totally on board w/my choice until the test drive. Then suddenly he was all OVER it upgrading my choice of an SL to the Limited. We love our FLEX!!!
Deb K. 02/16/2010
I just picked-up my second Flex lease car and LOVE them! My son t-boned a gravel hauler carrying 17,000 lbs. of rocks in my first Flex. In spite of the severity of the accident, they were able to repair the vehicle. Most importantly, my son, my daughter, and several of their friends walked away from the crash without so much as a scratch. The interior of the vehicle was absolutely pristine. I thank God for watching over them and thank Ford for making such a safe ride.
Amy R 02/09/2010
Yes we still love it. I drove it to work this morning in some deep snow & I felt very confident!
Terri 01/30/2010
I am considering trading in my Toyota Highlander for a Flex. I love the ay it looks. I have been researching and cannot find a whole lot about the Flex. Yours is the first personal story I have found. DO you still love it/