By The Grace Of God

On August 15, 2011 my father and grandmother were in a very bad car accident in Dearborn. The accident took place at 3:23 p.m. on Ford Road near Southfield Freeway. The crash involved two Flexs and another vehicle. I believe the safety features of the Flex and the grace of God saved my dad and grandma. They came out of the accident with minimal injuries. The police and EMS didn't expect anyone to be alive when they arrived at the scene. Because of how safe the Flex is, I plan on getting one next year. Thank you Ford for making such a great vehicle!
Fred Golden 09/22/2011
There was a survey of new car designs, and how many drivers died in vehicle collisions. Ford Edge was the only mid-size in the survey with 0 drivers deaths over the survey period. Only 5 other vehicles had 0 driver's deaths in collissions. Certain low production vehilces where not in the survey, some had more than 10 deaths per million vehilces, means that if they only sold 100,000 vehicles, it might have only been one death.

Cars with less than 25,000 production are left out, because only 1-2 deaths would equate to a un-realistic ratio because each death would equal 40 per million vehicles sold.