Bad Motor But Excellent Assistance

By Bob H.

Thanksgiving night, at 9 PM our 2014 Flex motor started to tap, while on thehighway coming home from Thanksgiving dinner.  14 miles later the motor started to miss badly then it shutdown, and we drifted to sanctuary on a 22 degree night into a motel parking lot.  The motor was toast! And with only 1900 miles on it.  We called Roadsie Assistance, got a live human being on the line quick, who got us a tow truck fast even on a holiday, and called back to check we were okay 3 times during the 40 minute wait for a tow truck.  Excellent support in a bad situation.  Road Side Assistance works great!  Now if the motors would just last a little longer. (PS- the Ford Warranty works well too! New motor installed with in 7 days. )