10 Miles From Home

My son & I, (along w/ our 2 English Bulldogs) were packed and ready for our move to Indianapolis. We left our home in Iowa, jumped on I-80 to cross into Illinois. Unfortunately, as we were in the left lane crossing the bridge over the Mississippi River, a Semi Truck struck us in the back quarter panel. That impact spun us 90 degrees, which caused us to hit the side concrete wall head on. The only thing on the other side was a 250 foot drop into the Mississippi River. We thought for sure we were going over the edge. We were then broadsided again by the semi which pushed us another 150 feet down the highway. 2 other vehicles were tangled up with us at this point. We were hit again, which spun us another 90 degrees to slam into the concrete wall facing the opposite direction. All the airbags deployed. (In the past, many vehicles have gone over the side of this bridge.) We all walked away from this incredible accident. I am confident that the low center of gravity saved us from going over. Plus, the engineering of impact safety saved us from all the continued hits we took from the Semi Truck. We've been loyal Ford owners in the past and will replace our Flex with a new one. Thank you Ford and your engineering of amazing vehicles!!